Clearly we’ve been on Hiatus

July 23, 2015 in News

And it does keep on getting longer –

so… what happened – the fearless leader got run out of his day-job by a lazy kid, a lazier sexual-harasser kid, and a bunch of older folks that didn’t value him or care enough to give a . . .

2. theGE house (rental) was foreclosed and under new ownership was about to get gutted

3. Mary moved way far – Scott moved not as far – God knows who else moved

4. Scott got threatened – then burgled (ostensibly isolated incidents) at his new location

5. Scott wrote music and became a hermit

6. BUT there’s a Zammitpace  project on the horizon – starting back small – solo percussion recording- only problem is my house is too small here to make this easy – so I’m about to figure out how to move the furniture around then . . .   only a matter of time…

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