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Clearly we’ve been on Hiatus

July 23, 2015 in News

And it does keep on getting longer –

so… what happened – the fearless leader got run out of his day-job by a lazy kid, a lazier sexual-harasser kid, and a bunch of older folks that didn’t value him or care enough to give a . . .

2. theGE house (rental) was foreclosed and under new ownership was about to get gutted

3. Mary moved way far – Scott moved not as far – God knows who else moved

4. Scott got threatened – then burgled (ostensibly isolated incidents) at his new location

5. Scott wrote music and became a hermit

6. BUT there’s a Zammitpace  project on the horizon – starting back small – solo percussion recording- only problem is my house is too small here to make this easy – so I’m about to figure out how to move the furniture around then . . .   only a matter of time…

FESTIVAL performance is HERE and PURIM PARTY announcement

October 17, 2013 in News

Purim Party/Fundraising Bash/Book of Esther Slam

Saturday, March 15th, 2014 7:00pm – all hours

Charter Oak Cultural Center

21 Charter Oak Ave, Hartford, CT 06106

$15 plus any gratuity, charity and other donations you can muster!

Go Here to Learn more about Purim:


Help us Pay Composers!!!

October 1, 2013 in News

Help us pay the resident composers of the featured commissioned pieces that The Generous Ensemble is playing!
Please help make a difference in our new music community and our local arts community by contributing to The Hartford New Music Festival!–2

Generous Ensemble to perform at 2013 Hartford New Music Festival

August 1, 2013 in News


The Generous Ensemble is very excited to announce that we will be performing in several concerts this October as a part of the 2013 Hartford New Music Festival.


featuring resident composers Neely Bruce and Michael Schelle

The 20th century is such a hard act to follow that 21st century artists and historians find themselves in constant reflection lately, celebrating anniversaries, centennials and other such accidents of the calendar. But surely the hallmark year of 1913 itself is most appropriate for such treatment. The spirit of the 1913 that lopsidedly shaped our cultural past has gotten a little lost in the present. It’s with this in mind that we resurrect a new music festival in Hartford this year as The Hartford New Music Festival: 1913|2013, extolling the forward-thinking artistry of the past in order to blaze a more exciting future.

The “Indy Avant Garde” concert/installation – our small homage to the New York Armory show of 1913 – will only be introducing and reminding all who come of the expansive breath of possibilities art can take. While the dual forces of the Generous Ensemble and the Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra aren’t necessarily presenting a “skandalkonzert” and our resident composers, Neely Bruce and Michael Schelle’s works are unlikely to cause a riot, we aim to ignite passions within our audience just as strong and with as lasting an unpredictable effect.

For more information about our involvement, Click Here

Uh oh…..

January 30, 2013 in News

They still haven’t gotten this news to GE headquarters yet…

but it is posted on their website 

John Cage Centennial – Live Streaming

September 5, 2012 in News

Thank you all for watching!

Back by popular demand, here is the recording of the video we streamed of the concert. It will soon be replaced by better video shot by Rico Reyes, but for now, here you go!

A pdf of the program is available here.

Complete program notes by Neely Bruce are available here.

3, 2, 1…

September 5, 2012 in News

We’re gearing up for our John Cage centennial concert tomorrow, September 5:  we’re printing programs, preparing for streaming, and making sure this will be one memorable event.

If you aren’t able to make it out to Torp Theatre this evening for the concert (directions are here), check right here on our website  at 7:30pm Eastern time to watch video of the concert streamed live.

Here’s our final Video of the Day:  the very beginning of our first sequential run-through of all 132 composers’ variations (plus some other rehearsal clips).  Elias Mullane plays Satie’s Vexations theme on solo guitar.


And our final performer portrait:  Mallory.








and check out BC Grimm‘s blog about us


Two days ’til showtime!

September 4, 2012 in News

Today was a marathon day of rehearsal.  We’re really excited to share this with all of you on Wednesday!

In other news, we’ve just hit our Kickstarter goal! Thank you so much to all who have contributed. We haven’t closed the funding page yet, and we welcome any additional donations (they help us pay production costs and more competitive musicians’ fees), so if you’re feeling generous, please hop over to our Kickstarter page and help us out.

Here’s our most recent Video of the Day (#7):  a solo featuring our very own Evan Runyon.

And portrait #6:  Elias


September 3, 2012 in News

Anybody want to give us a dollar?

Calling All Vexation’s Composers – email has gone out with a draft of the program – if you haven’t got it – check your bulk mail!

VIDEO of the DAY – will be coming late in the day – after our last rehearsal, 9am-5pm today

Happy Labour Day!


September 2, 2012 in News

Courtesy one Nick Norton



Portrait #5: Andrew (“Studs”)

Andrew Studenski score study