The Generous Ensemble is:

Joseph Abad, saxophones
Stuart Breczinski
, oboes
Sayun Chang, percussion
Mallory Kokus, saxophones
Mary Matthews, flutes
Elias Mullane, guitars
Evan Runyon, bass
Peter Scuderi, clarinets
Andrew Studenski, saxophones
James Waterman, percussion

Adminstrative Staff

Scott Comanzo: director and Benevolent Dictator
Stuart Breczinski and Scott Comanzo: media team

Emeritus Staff

Erin Camp: founder Emeritus – flute
Mallory Kokus: public relations/promotions in the “Midwest attacks the East Coast” era

Performers in Exile (aka past collaborators/performers/members)

Bryan Hayslett, cello
Marshall Greenberg, bass
Jessica Dickinson, cello
Owen Weaver, Percussion