Sunday, March 2, 2014
Westfield State University, 3:00 PM
577 Western Ave. Westfield, MA 01086

Westfield Festival of New Music


The Generous Ensemble is very excited to be performing in three concerts this October as part of the 2013 Hartford New Music Festival

featuring resident composers Neely Bruce and Michael Schelle

The 20th century is such a hard act to follow that 21st century artists and historians find themselves in constant reflection lately, celebrating anniversaries, centennials and other such accidents of the calendar. But surely the hallmark year of 1913 itself is most appropriate for such treatment. The spirit of the 1913 that lopsidedly shaped our cultural past has gotten a little lost in the present. It’s with this in mind that we resurrect a new music festival in Hartford this year as The Hartford New Music Festival: 1913|2013, extolling the forward-thinking artistry of the past in order to blaze a more exciting future.

The “Indy Avant Garde” concert/installation – our small homage to the New York Armory show of 1913 – will only be introducing and reminding all who come of the expansive breath of possibilities art can take. While the dual forces of the Generous Ensemble and the Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra aren’t necessarily presenting a “skandalkonzert” and our resident composers, Neely Bruce and Michael Schelle’s works are unlikely to cause a riot, we aim to ignite passions within our audience just as strong and with as lasting an unpredictable effect.

Thursday, October 17th, 2013
Charter Oak Cultural Center, 7:30 pm


I wanted to destroy something beautiful
Dan Morel, world premiere

Claude Debussy

Passing Through the Bright Lights of Hell
Michael Schelle, world premiere

The first world premiere from our resident composers performed by combined ensembles The Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra and The Generous Ensemble comes from Michael Schelle, accompanied by a world premiere for the Generous Ensemble written by Hartford resident Dan Morel, and from the year 1913 a ground breaking solo flute piece by Debussy performed by the Generous Ensemble’s Mary Matthews.

Saturday, October 19th, 2013
Charter Oak Cultural Center, 7:30 pm


The Unanswered Question
Charles Ives

The Spite of Thokk
Lief Ellis

Antiphonies for Charlie
Neely Bruce,  world premiere

The second world premiere from our resident composers performed by combined ensembles The Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra and The Generous Ensemble comes from Neely Bruce, accompanied by a 1913-era piece by the focus of Neely Bruce’s piece – Charles Ives  – and a solo Bass piece written by Hartford resident Lief Ellis performed by the Generous Ensemble’s Evan Runyon.

Sunday, October 20th, 2013
The Connecticut Historical Society, 2:30 pm

The Finale IS the Encore

Antiphonies for Charlie
Neely Bruce

Passing Through the Bright Lights of Hell
Michael Schelle

A final opportunity to hear these Pulitzer-worthy new works by the most exciting composers of their generation who have generously graced Hartford with their immense talents and transformative music.




 September 5th, 2012  –  7:30pm

John Cage Centential Concert
featuring the 2012 Vexations Project

Central Connecticut State University, Torp Theatre

The Welte Garage will be open that evening for concert parking.
Seal of the City of Hartford

Supported by the City of Hartford Business Development Grants for Artists Program, Pedro E. Segarra, Mayor, with funding from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program allocated to the City of Hartford.



Please see Neely’s Notes for The full program notes for this historical event.

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